Skin series: Dark Chocolate

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I get asked about dark chocolate on a pretty regular basis.  Dark chocolate gets lots of attention because of its naturally occurring, antioxidant rich cocoa flavanol content.  Pause just a second before you reach for your secret stash (yes…everyone has one).

GOOD STUFF:  Research does show positive benefit to the brain in helping to reduce age- related cognitive decline and to the heart in helping to relax the lining of the vessels so that they remain more open.  New studies indicate regular cocoa flavanol consumption might also have positive effects leading to improved skin elasticity – less wrinkles and less fine lines.

That’s cool right?

Keep it REAL:  These benefits might help you justify your daily chocolate intake -and that’s ok of course depending on the rest of your intake. However, to get a truly beneficial amount of these antioxidants you really need about 1,000 milligrams per day- way more than you could get in a chocolate bar.

Dark chocolate (all chocolate) contains sugar, fat and a low dose of caffeine too.  There are so many to choose from.  Make the most of the indulgence by taking the time to choose a high quality version with little additives and that is at least 70% dark.



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