I am results oriented.  My consultative approach focuses on your current concerns and any conditions that might be addressed with dietary modification.

Even small changes can have significant impact.

Kimberly Young Consulting does not accept insurance. Payment of services is due at time of consultation. Payment for services can use cash, check, and credit or debit card.  Most healthcare savings accounts consider nutrition counseling as preventative care.  Flex spending and HSA accounts are accepted.

Your selected appointment time is reserved for you, we understand that sometimes schedule changes are necessary; we require a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation to avoid additional fees.


Complete Nutrition Consultation: $155.00

A Complete Nutrition Consultation includes a thorough evaluation of your current concerns and any conditions that might be addressed with dietary modification as well as a review of relevant laboratory analysis.  We will discuss your medical history and dietary habits, current lifestyle and targeted goals.   We will also discuss any food sensitivities and triggers, stress management techniques and detoxification if relevant.  Laboratory results completed within the previous 3 months can be reviewed.   Results such as traditional wellness testing, nutritional profiling and food allergy/sensitivity testing** are appropriate.

Nutritional Profiling, Micronutrient Testing, Sensitivity Testing, and Organic Acid Testing are offered at additional cost.

Individual sessions last 50-60 minutes and are scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly.


**Simple blood tests can increase your chances of identifying potential medical conditions, and help to establish a baseline of your normal ranges from which future tests can be monitored. If warranted, additional testing such as nutritional profiling, food sensitivity testing, and other analyses can offer insights into various conditions and nutritional deficiencies.

Testing is an elective option, not required. If you do not have current lab analysis, I can help you tailor and refine your choices such that you don’t overspend on unnecessary testing. Kimberly Young Consulting utilizes outside laboratory partners for testing.

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Integrative Follow-Up Consultation: $175 (existing clients only)

We will review previous recommendations, advanced testing analysis if relevant, provide additional nutrition support and may include additional dietary or behavioral modifications if appropriate.

Individual sessions last 30-120 minutes and are scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly as warranted. Cost of follow up consultations can vary based on complexity and duration of session.

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Corporate Wellness Planning and Implementation: Fees based on time and goals

Proper nutrition is at the core of prevention and management of most common medical conditions. Well-designed work place wellness programs founded on evidence-based dietary principles can not only improve employee morale; but also achieve positive health and financial outcomes in the workplace. Kimberly has developed wellness programs for corporations and non-profit businesses. The program can be customized to meet your goals and can be scaled appropriately to meet your organizations objectives.

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Small Group Presentation or Speaking: Fees based on time and goals

Group presentations give everyone some easy-to-implement dietary suggestions that can impact their health in a positive way. Content will be customized to meet your goals and additional topics are available by request always.

Suggested topics might include: Eating to heal the body, Boosting your immunity, Inflammation and chronic disease, GI health or Tips for everyday athletes.

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